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Core Personel

Mr. Keta K. Keta

The Managing Director and founding member of Phetoho Engineering is a registered Civil Professional Engineer with twenty-five years of professional experience gained both on construction sites as well as in head office situations.  He has acquired a wide knowledge in construction supervision and management, contract administration and monitoring.

Keta has a Bachelor of Honours degree in Civil Engineering (B. Hons (Eng)) and  Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management


The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd intends to provide professional engineering services to a range of customers including public and private enterprises to the satisfaction of both our clients and shareholders through effective and efficient practices.


Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd vision is to be an engineering consulting company of choice for decades to come, regionally and internationally, in terms of:

  • Service excellence
  • Value for money
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Superior product


‘Phetoho Engineering is a privately owned company that was formed in 2012 with the objective of providing engineering and environmental consultancy services to a range of customers, ensuring timely and cost effective implementation of our expertise to acceptable engineering and environmental standards. It is a wholly owned South African company.


The geographical domain within which Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd operates is primarily the Republic of South Africa and The Southern African Development Community (SADC) with the basis in Pretoria.

Key Policies

Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd has adopted use of and seeks to attain accreditation of International Standards Organisation’s Quality Management System (ISO 9001) within three years. The use of ISO 9001 Quality Management System seeks to achieve placement of the company to an international level of operations in line with long-term vision.

Key Policies that Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd has therefore decided to place under close scrutiny therefore comprise the following:

Management Review of the Quality system

Management of Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd serves to ensure that the quality system complies with international standards and maintains pace with new technological innovations, changing times, environment and business practices to meet conditions set out in the vision statement.

Planning, Documentation & Implementation Procedures

Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd has put in place planning, documentation and implementation procedures to avoid process and decision ambiguities and inconsistencies.

Contract Review

Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd will internally, regardless of whether desirable by clients or not, carry out review of all its projects in order to assess its performance and review of procedures to provide future quality and better service. The system will also feed information into Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure.

Documentation and Data Control

Information will be highly controlled and archived for records and later use. Where the same information is required for assistance for developmental and/or emergency purposes, necessary approvals conforming to contractual agreements and legislation requirements will be followed. Information is stored in terms of process numbers.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Every product of Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd, ranging from verbal communication to writing reports and issuing of associated hard copy information will ensure that all information is accurate, concise and clear. Phetoho Engineering members of staff will serve in various positions carrying out quality assurance and monitoring in common with other requirements comprising Process Control and Contract Review.

Empowerment and Employment Equity

Phetoho Engineering (Pty) Ltd has resolved to adopt the following pledge concerning employment equity and in line with recent regional history.

Employment equity is the right to equality of opportunity to all people, and the right of every person to be treated fairly, with justice and dignity in seeking and maintaining employment, taking cognisance of national policies.

Phetoho Engineering in line with above will attempt to: –

  • Not allow race, gender or creed affect employment opportunities;
  • Ensure that performance, training capabilities and contributions are the only criteria for employment;
  • Employees are committed to success of Phetoho Engineering.

In line with above, where possible and appropriate Phetoho Engineering  will, on a short-term basis, employ students furthering their studies to gain hands-on experience through multi facet practices and projects carried out by Phetoho.

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